The Art of Flavour

Beginning in 2016, one exciting way our students have been able to broaden their culinary experience is through the exclusive Art of Flavour dinner series. As part of this series, the Loyalist College Culinary program has been fortunate host many guest chefs, winemakers and hospitality experts from the surrounding area of Hastings and Prince Edward County and beyond. Each guest brings with them a unique perspective, specialty techniques and style. Students further their understanding of food and beverage pairings, while also being introduced to local business owners and developing their connections within the community.

Our most recent guest chefs and winemakers have included:

Chef Albert Ponzo of The Royal Hotel and winemaker Maggie Granger of Grange of Prince Edward.

Chef Sam Valdivia of La Condesa and winemaker Frédéric Picard of Huff Estates.

Chef Hidde Zomer of flame+smith and winemaker Victoria Rose of Long Dog Vineyard & Winery.

Chef Alex Feswick and winemaker Keith Tyers of Closson Chase.

Chef Neil Dowson of Midtown Brewery and winemaker Lee Baker of Keint-he Winery and Vineyards.

Chef Jeff Camacho of Burger Revolution and with beverage pairings by Stanners Vineyard.

Chef Neil Dowson of Midtown Brewery plates a dessert featuring meringue and passionfruit for Art of Flavour dinner series. Chef Albert Ponzo and Chef Scott Royce work with a first year student to prepare desserts.