Program Description

What is the difference between Culinary Skills and Culinary Management?

The Culinary Skills program is a one-year Certificate program that introduces learners to food theory, culinary skills, baking skills, health and safety techniques, and career preparation. Graduates from the one-year Culinary skills program are prepared for entry-level positions in professional kitchen environments.

The two-year Culinary Management program allows students to further build on their studies in all aspects and focuses on other topics like catering and event planning, and wine and beverage appreciation. The two-year Culinary Management program also allows learners to gain a better business focus in marketing and leadership, as well as effective profit management within the hospitality industry. Graduates from the two-year Culinary Management program also complete their in-class requirement portion of apprenticeship training, and upon completion of their on-the-job apprenticeship training, they are eligible to write the exam for Interprovincial Red Seal Certification, administered by the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA).

Not sure if our two-year program is right for you? Graduates of the Culinary Skills program are always welcome to return to studies and enroll in Culinary Management.